June 8: Geomedia Speaker Series Digital Seminar on Gentrification and the Right to the Geomedia City

Published on: 2022-06-08

On June 8, 2022 at 13:00, Jelke Bosma will present the paper "The Gentrification of Airbnb: Closing rent gaps through the professionalization of hosting" at the Geomedia Speaker Series. Join the online event here.

The seminar explores the role of media in urban gentrification processes. The three presenters are contributors to a new special issue of Space and Culture (guest editors: Maren Hartmann & André Jansson), in which seven articles investigate how gentrification is shaped and underpinned by the normalization of various media platforms, and what these media mean to the resistance to gentrification in cities around the world. The “geomedia city” refers not only to the digital infrastructures built into urban environments – circulating and embedding data – but more crucially to the social and cultural dynamics whereby certain norms, skills and forms of capital (and thus people) are legitimized (or marginalized) in the city.